Dress Diaries

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A community for posting Dress Diaries and other costuming stories.
Dress Diaries

This is a community for seamstresses and tailors, costume and fashion nuts and other sewing people to post dress diaries - accounts or journals of their triumphs and struggles on sewing projects. Historic costume, modern fashion and fantasy projects are all welcome!

Please note: This is *not* a place to post eBay plugs or "ISO" (In Search Of) ads.

If you are posting a dress diary for an item which you are planning to sell, at least 90% of the entry must be actual content to be considered valid. In other words, if you're just posting "Look what I made! Now buy it!" our mod team will delete your post. We're here to see the process as much as the product.

This is not a place to ask for help, suggestions or advice on projects. PLEASE NOTE, this includes requests for pattern recommendations, fabric sourcing help, and sewing machine information AS WELL as help specifically related to your projects. There are lots of other communities for that sort of thing in fact we even created one - please join dressdiaries_so (for Dress Diaries Social) and ask all of your questions there. Posts that beg for help here will be deleted with prejudice.

Also, this is not a place to ask about where to find a certain type of fabric or trim. You will always get the same few answers, so please don't ask. (For your reference, our favorite websites for fabric are Fabric.com/Phoenix Textiles, and Fabrics-Store.com. If you're looking for boning and corsetmaking supplies, try Lacis and Farthingales too. If you're looking for bulk trims, check out Cheep Trims.)

This *is* a place to give updates on your sewing projects, post pictures for us to "ooh" and "aaah" over (but please put pictures behind an LJ cut).

Posting etiquette and suggestions:
1) Place large images below a cut. This isn't so much a suggestion as a firm request.
2) Tag your posts. The mods have provided a number of tags for your use; if you feel you need one that's not available, please contact LadyKalessia.
3) If you want people to read it and comment, post your entry to this journal and not an external site.
4) Please consider a line at the end of the post saying Crossposted to: and a list of other journals and communities that you've posted the entry to.
5) Please post Dress *Diaries*, not just your finished products. I know that everyone wants to have an audience see their work and ooh and aah over it, but the point of this community is to show your process NOT just your product.
6) A note on accessories: Since there are tons of communities for showcasing embroidery, millinery, and other accessories, please do not post these by themselves. If this accessory is part of a larger ensemble, and you're going to be posting further progress the rest of the gown or outfit, that's fine. But no postings of just "Look at this neat purse I made!"

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