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gwacie in dressdiaries

Edwardian Swimsuit - Finished

I finished the swimsuit! yay! and romped in a local park with friends this Sunday in it. :)

My Flickr photo album for the day is here: Flicker Album

Some of my favorite pics:
IMG_3301 - Copy

IMG_3305 - Copy




In all I'm happy with the outfit, I think it looks quite cute and it was fun to romp and play in. I don't like how the back 'belt' was folding over, I wonder if I didn't curve the piece enough, I also didn't tack down the bottom of it, which I should have. For some reason the front of the bodice seems higher than the back, going to have to figure out a way to raise the back since lowering the front would be way too hard.

I do think I made the skirt a little fuller than the original, but I like it, being a hippy gal. And the waist can come in a smidge; I tried to make it tight but somehow it kept getting a little looser, hmf.

I do love my little cap. :)


LOTS OF LOVE! It turned out wonderfully! :)
*SHOCK* Madam, are you aware that you are showing your ... ANKLES?????

(It's awesome, and I love it!)
*giggle* t'was daring indeed, in its day ;)
Such fun, this turned out wonderful!