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gwacie in dressdiaries

Cranach Dress - Complete

Hi all! I've been working on an early 16th century southern German (Saxony) noblewoman's dress for about three years and finally, FINALLY, finished it so ta da!

(You can see the full Flickr album of way too many photos: here

I went with a side-laced under-dress/kirtle; I suspect a front-laced is more likely but I wanted to experiment :) I found to my surprise that every image I saw of this dress had the same type of black-and-white shoes on so I made shoes for the first time :) (Slippers actually, maybe I will graduate to real shoes some day :)) I also made my stomacher/breast-band/brustflech/whatever-you-call-it as a separate piece and had a rectangle of linen on my back it was tied to (it seemed to just fit better that way; just tied it tended to bunch up and pins were annoying me. Is this correct? I've no idea, but it worked :)) and I made a coif, forehead cloth and hat. *whew!* So many pieces!

I love how the feathers look on the hat. Cranach Dress - Side

My documentation packet for the dress was 33 pages long (and that was after editing it down! heh.) For my full blog on the dress and creation check out this finely crafted link.


I've been following your build. This turned out just beautiful!
Goodness, that is beautiful! Well done!

I am just starting a Cranach gown for a friend, so I can't tell you how much I appreciate seeing this right now!

The trim around the jacket top is just perfect, and the rolled pleats! Swoon!

Glad to be of help :) I'm working on turning my documentation packet into a handout, if you send me a message with your email I can forward you a copy?
Not to disparage other people (and also because I haven't seen EVERY attempt at a Cranach gown) but I have to say, this one is the best! I never feel that they have quite nailed it, but this one really looks like you stepped out of a painting.
Wow, thanks! :) *preen!*