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katexxxxxx in dressdiaries

Doublets R Us! The next installment.

Seem to be making nothing but doublets these days...

Well, that's not strictly true, but The Big Sekrit Projek we have just completed and is to be collected tomorrow can't be published until after Christmas, so I'm afraid it'll have to be another doublet!  AND the coat was based on a doublet pattern anyway!

This, I admit, one of my more eccentric efforts...  Almost as bonkers as the Heraldic Doublet!  Not quite so many pieces, but just as insane in its own sweet way!

So.  Consequences, a long weekend of short freeform LARP games (an afternoon or evening session will cover one) was coming up, and I so enjoyed The Linfarn Run in Brighton that I signed up for it.  My character in Linfarn was highly amusing, and I channeled Zoe from Firefly like mad.  I signed up for Koenig Dead (a follow-up), and my character in that is interesting but not a big opportunity to frock up.  However, my character in Marlow is.  In spades.  So a frocking I will go!

Cue the Silver Doublet!

Reprise...  Way back in the mists of time (or was it Thyme?  I forget... ) I bought this chunk of silver ecclesiastical brocade.  I'd intended to make a forepart for an Elizabethan court gown, and possibly some sleeves out of it, teaming it up with a lilac silk and cotton satin (yes, that of Masquerade fame!).  It never happened.

I also had hanging around (literally: on the costume rail coz you really shouldn't fold it!) some silver fabric left over from making a pair of thigh high spats to make a pair of ankle boots into thigh high jobs...  I did a brief intro to this project here.

Once I'd cut and tried on the body toile, I did the sleeve toile.  I have rather fat upper arms, so always need to add a bit extra round the bicep.  That sorted, I cut the silver fabric.

There's a back (two sections), a front (two sections), a collar, two sleeves (two sections each, two wings and a peplum (two sections).  The silver foil is backed with cotton calico.  The whole thing is lined with white cotton sateen.  The body front lining sections are cut in one piece rather than two.  I used a stiff cotton canvas in the collar and the wings, as I couldn't use a fusible interfacing, and hair canvas would have been too much.  This seemed to give the floppy tinfoil fabric enough heft to do the trick.

Sewing it all was easy in one respect: the machine sliced through the fabric layers  fairly well.  On the straight and lesser curved seams, the finish was reasonable.  I was less happy about the slight ripples in the sleeve head, but given the nature of the fabric,it didn't go badly.


Any little ripples in the seams were disguised by adding the braid!  Bling on bling!

Oh, and you can't press this stuff!  Not even with a pressing cloth.  A light touch of ironing is OK, but that doesn't nail the seam allowances flat, and it's quite bouncy.  The braid helped.

I needed t get the roundels on the sleeves balances.  This used up a LOT of fabric, bit hell, I wasn't using it for anything else!  I managed to match all the bits that really needed it pretty well, but I am here to tell you that while the Bacofoil fabric wasn't the easiest stuff to work with (gimmee a nice 100% wool Barathea any day!), it didn't need matching up the front opening, and any small shifts in the side panels are too far apart to worry about!


I think they worked quite nicely, really... And the body failed to look too scruffy.

Next up was the peplum, and then the braid round the edges.

The sleeves went in... Quite easily AFTER I tried putting the right sleeve in the left armscye because I was tired!


We found the totally awesome frogs when looking for some for another project, and I fell in love!  They are too large to put more than four on, and it needs some lesser hooks between the frogs to hold it closed properly.  So I have one half of two frogs to complete, plus about 10 sets of hooks and eyes.

To go with it?  United Nude Silver Mobeus sandals (snagged off eBay for £30, unworn butt imperfect and no box, but really, who cares!), a silver rose for my hair, silver mirror shades, and some black trousers and a T shirt, probably.



That turned out amazing. I can't wait to see a picture of you in the completed outfit.

and I *heart* those shoes.
VERY shiny! ;) And the shoes are to die for (or IN, if I trip over! They are VERY high!).

And thank you. It's one of those few things that look exactly as they did inside my head!
I'm still not a fan of that tin foil fabric, but those shoes are to die for!
Any chance of seeing pictures of the full costume?
Oh, believe me - I am SO not a fan of the tinfoil fabric! But it IS perfect for this application, so...

There will be pics when I get the hooks on and the whole thing assembled.

I think I need either black or silver lipstick...

This? Or this?

(Actually, it probably won't be either at $16 a chuck plus postage, but it's the right idea.)

Edited at 2012-10-29 04:56 pm (UTC)
Can you wear Stargazer? They do black and silver from between 1.99 and 3.99 depending on where you look. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stargazer-Black-Lipstick-No-110-Goth-Gothic-Punk-Vamp-New-/170852644618?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Make_Up_Cosmetics_Lipstick_PP&hash=item27c79c770a

It's cheap stuff TM, but I've always found it to be fine. And their white facepowder is the biz. I used to wear it loads in my Goffic Days.
I've ordered one of each of these to try:



I've never reacted badly to a Rimmel lippy, and they too are Cheap as Dirt (TM). If they don't work for me, I'll try those you recommend.
If you are using white makeup on your face, use black lipstick. If remaining flesh colored, go with the white. =)

I did a Nearly Headless Nick Costume. That's me as Nick. Notice I had darker lips on this. My "doublet" was a hack job using another pattern as a base. I also have a fencing cloak for that dashing look. =)

DSC03980 adjusted
Don't really need a white face: I'm more space age than dead! At least to start with... ;) I don't need to be Goffick either: just peculiar!
go with the white lipstick. =)

As "ghosts" we had to do something different.

Interesting that the mono chrome theme of the dublets means they can go both ways if you want. =)

But if someone calls you Nick at your party, don't blame me! LOL

I should be OK: I don't have a ruff!
That looks so great!
Thank you.
love the frogging
They're great, aren't they!
Think I'll have to buy you a Chanel Rouge Noir lippy as part of the Burfday Pres...Rimmel tastes disgusting...have to rescue you from that. And as for those shoes...owww and how to break neck and both ankles in one easy lesson. Think I should send you a pair of my sparkly silver trainers, that I bought to go over the bandages if the shop has them in a four.

Edited at 2012-10-31 11:11 pm (UTC)
The lippy arrived today: silver's not too bad, considering. Tastes like the lippy equivalent of metallic silver fondant icing! The black is moderately revolting - highly perfumed with that Cheap & Nasty Scent (TM) flavour...

And I can walk in the sandals. Not far and not fast, but I can do it! In most trainers I need a four and a half or a five, unless they are kids extra wide...

Edited at 2012-11-01 01:42 pm (UTC)
I just love it! But then again, I love shiny. Love those frogs and love those shoes too (You're a brave woman! :) Love everything you do, as always! :)
Thank you. I can hardly the wait the almost-a-fortnight until the game...