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costumemaverick in dressdiaries

Victorian boots for sale?

All I've been talking about pretty much for the past two days are victorian boots this and victorian boots that. See my post from the 14 to understand my frustrations :P That said, I was wondering if anyone knew of any place other than Ebay that sells Victorian boots, or boots that look like them, for a reasonable price. Reasonable being about $60. I've searched in Google and on costumes.org, but all I have found are the custom made ones for about $200.



Re: $63

Hot stuff! I love them!! And they come in red...how delicious! Now to convince the parents; that will taking some time :) Thanks a bunch
Ooooh! Just bought those boots. Great find! Hooray!
Do you like them? I'm a little hesitant to buy them...but I would really like a pair of those boots!
Lorians Boots

These look quite nice.


Russian Hungarian Boots

Just letting you all know, there's legalities involved regarding these boots, apparently - this is from the Grishko company, USA:

"You should be aware that we are the owners of the trademark Grishko
in the United States and have exclusive distribution rights with
Grishko for North America. If the website you are referring to is the
same one we have had problems with in the past, they have posted on
their Web site they" do not service US customers " on their front page..
By US trademark law they are in violation by exporting to anyone in the
US. Furthermore, anyone buying these products is equally violating
these laws and can be liable for damages. Our company is in the early
stages of what could be a major lawsuite. Furthermore, the Attorney
General of the US, US Customs and the US Postmaster have all been
notified in an attempt to stop these transactions. The savings you might
incur are not nearly worth the risks involved. I wanted you to be aware
of what is happening for I assume the company you have contacted is the
same one.

Hali, Grishko Company
I don't see how the post office could know what an individual is buying, but just wanted to let you know.

Re: Russian Hungarian Boots

Hmm, that's really odd! Thanks for letting me know.
Okay - got them yesterday. It took a month for them to arrive via regular mail from Russia, but they're here, they're beautiful, they fit perfectly, and I can't wait to try them out at Dickens and Gaskells this weekend. But they're definitely well made boots, well worth the price.
I was wondering if you forgot to respond back to me, but it makes sense since they're from Russia, wow! You got them just in time, too!


Victorian Boots for Sale

Visit http://www.westernweddingboots.com they have what you need and may be able to work out a layaway plan for you or something. Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you buy something for a small amount of money, just how good is the quality...
The Ankle, Calf or Knee High Lace Up Boots (Victorian Style, Can-Can, GnuGothic, Granny Boots, or 1800's Spatted) are of the highest quality and can in most cases be customized for you.

Just a thought!


Spam. LOL. Just remember that that site does not offer exchanges or refunds!!! >:/


You people are too harsh, spam comes in the form of email

FYI - I just went and looked and you guys are wrong they do offer exchanges. Anyway, who would want to shop somewhere and not be happy with what they bought and want to return it on a regular basis. It seems to me as though this western wedding boots site has their stuff together and very confident with the products they are selling. This is just my observation and opinion.
Personally, I won't buy online products (that I can't try on) unless they offer full refunds.

Spam, incidentally, is not limited to email, FYI.


Beautiful Victorian Boots

I would and have!



Sheplers has 'em for $99.00 at


The black lace aren't bad...


Re: Boots

Yeah but at http://www.westernweddingboots.com you can get them in almost any color imaginable with any heel, any material, boot height, and from sizes 3.5 (youth) to size 17 (large and/or trans-gender sizes).


All leather at Renton - in black - for 109.00. :)))



Re: Boots

A friend of mine got some from renton and was not happy with the quality at all.


Almost all the online sites selling these style boots are selling the same brands; Artin, the old Coast boots, or Oak Tree. Oak Tree is pretty shitty, and Artin is a company that rips off other companies styles and copies them. Coast was the original company that made these style boots, but they are gone now. Western Wedding Boots overcharges; you can find the (Artin) identical boots all over the web, the best price is at Tootsies Dance Shoes (http://www.tootsies.aweserv.com/boots/boots.htm) - they charge $140 for calf highs, and $150 for knee highs.


Re: Victorian Boots

western wedding boots has the best selection, excellent customer service, and will design for you the boots you want. They provide boots for wedding, special events, productions and celebrities. They definately have a reputation for getting your stuff to you on time, the way you want them and many can not say that! As stated before you get what you pay for. Visit them today and see why they are number one in providing the boots you want the way you want them. Thank you.


Hey Dawn Palumbo of Western Wedding boots - I mean, 'anonymous' - please go buy some advertising space instead of dumping in LiveJournal. This is not what this site is for. Thanks. (Or at least become a paid subscriber and support the site.) Jeeesh.

I have two words: 'IP address'


Re: Anonymous

thank you! They're being abnoxious idiots and they're taking up space in my inbox!
Never mind! All is good! I just bought a pair of white victorian ankle boots for myself today at a consignment shop for $6!!! They look like they have only been worn once, and the front looks laced but the side on the inside of the boot has a zip so it's easy to get your foot in. Sooooooo glad I held out on buying a pair since I would never have gotten them this cheap on ebay! Thanks for all of the feedback though, I might buy more in the future (not from westernweddingboots.com!!!)


You get the luck 'o the day award! Good job! LOL