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Wicked Lady

katexxxxxx in dressdiaries

The Further Adventures of the Cage Crinoline...

Iz all done now!  hehehehe...

It is BIG.  Not really HUGE, just BIG.  Especially for someone that is only 5'2"!

Recap: When last we saw this is was a thing like a white spider web and a bag of cut plastic hoops...  Which failed to work!  See... dressdiaries.livejournal.com/521397.html 

I took it up by shortening the strings all the way round on the top tier and the second from the bottom...  So then we had to shorted all our carefully measured and marked hoops!  Duh!  Forgot the laws of physics, innit...  

The hoops were riveted.  It works.  


I then had to hand sew all the holes shut...  Ho hum...


And this is how it works from the inside...    

If you look round the top tier, and in the upper lft at the middle tier, you can see the tucks I took in the foundation layer when we found it was too long.  With this big new crinoline, those may come out if we think the whole skirt is now too short.  At least having shortened he crinoline, she won't stick a hoof on that and go over!  But Vicky might do a Mary Poppins and float over the Channel to France.  Peter said he'd need to weigh her down with sandbags and put a tether on her!  And they can camp in her skirt...   It sways like a bell when I move the stand!               


This is beautiful! I love the blue ribbon accents:) Lots of practice will keep the dress from swinging as you walk.
Thanks. :) I think Vicky quite like the swing...
foofy pretty
I love the shape. Not so sure about the frills... Not really a flowery person, me, so it's a good thing it belongs to someone else!
Adorable! We love the layers!! :)
It's frillier than a very frilly thing!
Must get a garden pic of Vicky in that and her other unmentionables!
We may need a length of rope and a crowbar! :D And a gag for Peter!
I'll supply the gag and the rope if you can find a crowbar!
*sigh* This makes me want one.
It takes a lot of fabric and time, but wasn't difficult. I'm sure you could make one.