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dazeoflaur in dressdiaries

More chemise updates

It isn't necessarily finished but I wore it this weekend. I handsewed the top and bottom edge and hand ruffled - mini cartidge pleating sort of- the top edge. The hand sewing on the cuffs has been finished. The blackwork on the body completed and the garment constructed with french seams.

Here are some update photos. I'm tempted to leave it as is but eventually I anticipate I'll make a matching band with blackwork and matching blackwork box-pleat edging for the neckline as well. Until then other projects have priority.

Total Damage: 20.25 hours

Cross-posted at dressdiaries and dazeoflaur


Oh just wow!
total wowness.
Wow - stunning. And less time than I'd expect, too. You sew fast :)
Really awesome!
Just gorgeous. Wow, I just feel so inspired. It has to be the best blackwork I've seen! Lovely!
Really really beautiful!
And I'd say worth every second, looks great!

100% covetable

:gapes: that's just gorgeous. Beautiful blackwork that makes me wish my eyes were still up to doing some.

Re: 100% covetable

Sorry I should have re-clarified - if you check my original post when I started it states that this is actually machine embroidery. I spent a lot of time picking stitches that would pass - I didn't realize how well they would pass for handwork!

Re: 100% covetable

I'm still coveting ... and still wishing my eyes were up to doing that much embroidery.

Your stitch choices are so impressive. I sew with a vintage bernina that has some embroidery options, but very basic compared to modern machines.
YOu have inspired my jealousy... just wow.
Truly awesome!
(I must keep telling myself I. Don't. Have. The.Time. To. Make. One.Really!)

Its so beautifull. What is the material you used for this, it looks very shiny like silk on the picture?

Yes it is silk :) I'm glad it came across in the photos.