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Edwardian Swimsuit - Finished

I finished the swimsuit! yay! and romped in a local park with friends this Sunday in it. :)

My Flickr photo album for the day is here: Flicker Album

Some of my favorite pics: Collapse )

In all I'm happy with the outfit, I think it looks quite cute and it was fun to romp and play in. I don't like how the back 'belt' was folding over, I wonder if I didn't curve the piece enough, I also didn't tack down the bottom of it, which I should have. For some reason the front of the bodice seems higher than the back, going to have to figure out a way to raise the back since lowering the front would be way too hard.

I do think I made the skirt a little fuller than the original, but I like it, being a hippy gal. And the waist can come in a smidge; I tried to make it tight but somehow it kept getting a little looser, hmf.

I do love my little cap. :)
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Edwardian Swimsuit

I re-read the definition of this group and saw that it is for works in progress too! Silly me, I've been waiting for completed works to post. So here is my current project for your enjoyment :)

My inspiration is this fabulous Edwardian (1910-1919) swimsuit in the Kent State Museum:

I have been fortunate enough to see it in person and took notes (and it's on exhibit right now, actually if one fancies a jaunt to Kent) :) (note; the photo links to their on-line collection site, I didn't see a way to link to the page on it directly, a search for 'Bathing Suit' brings it up pretty quickly.)

First up; my pattern pieces I drafted:

The back panel actually should be a bit more curved on the bottom and the piece I cut out was curved more. The thing at the top is the 'pockets' piece :) I made them curved like this to allow for the pleating at the bodice-waist. I didn't do a pattern for the skirt, I just cut 5 skirt trapazoids and gathered the excess fabric in the back. I think I should've kept the front edges straight instead of flared, I did trim them straight-er after assembly.

Tuesday I finished basting the facing along the center front and last night I cut out and attached sleeves. I must be getting better at inserting sleeves because it went entirely without incident... spooky. I think the stretchiness of the wool helped a bit though ;) My fabric is a summer-weight wool; I wish it was a little lighter in color, it looks black rather than navy.

I also altered my pocket-belt thingy a little and cut it out! woot!

Here are some pics of me wearing the swimsuit at its current state (please ignore the messy sewing room in the background):

It looks a lot wider than the extant one, but I'm thinking that's because *I* am wider than the manaquin, eh?

I also cut out bloomers last night :) They're huge, but I want poofy gathered bloomers so hopefully they'll look right once gathered together.

Up next:
* add waistband to bloomers, put 'em on and mark the hem. hem.
* Add white stripe to the bloomers
* Add white edging to pocket-belt
* Attach pocket-belt thingy
* Buy buttons! Attach buttons, sew button holes.
* shorten sleeves (they need to be above the waist line), add white edging
* draft sailor collar, attach and add white edging

I have plenty of the wool left over, pondering making a cap to go with this *ponder*
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Blouse assignment for school

It's been ages since I took the time for a dress diary and since I'm not busy at all with my final assignments for school, here it is. (I mean, I've got plenty of time for making a dress diary, since I only have to make a lined summer coat in a week. /sarcasm)
But muses come and go and after buying the initial fabrics and haberdashery, the journey didn't quite go as planned. Collapse )
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